Mornings are spent rotating between teachers, working on the 40 P.A.S. Rudiments, technique exercises and rhythm reading. This "rotation" approach allows the students to experience several different teaching styles and personalities, while focusing on specific rudiments and techniques that will build their "chops", endurance and musicality throughout the week.

To keep in the "camp" style we ask all campers to bring a practice pad as these sessions are taught at various picnic tables around the camp.

Afternoons are spent reherasing the drum lines that are made up of our campers. The goal here is to allow each camper to use the technique learned each morning a full marching percussion ensemble learning and memorizing exercises, a cadence and a full length percussion feature with drill.

The drum lines are "battery only", meaning snares, quads and bass drums so each camper will be concentrating on stick technique and control the entire week. The "pit" campers will learn proper technique, a series of valuable exercises and will serve as the pit for the various percussion features to be performed.

Each evening there is a short rehearsal and a special activity. Drum circles around the campfire will be held Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Other activities include solo night, the rudiment contest and practice night.

Parents can rest assured there is proper supervision at the camp. There are several adule males and females at all times to supervise and counsel the campers.